About Us

 Placed among the top 5 companies of the entire European Aerosol industry, Kozmo Kimya has the biggest filling capacity in Turkey.

Having GMP and ISO certificates, our company has 7 Chemical Engineers. 3 of our engineers constantly carry out R&D studies.

Owning two separate factories in Hadimkoy and Corlu, our daily aerosol production reaches 700000 units.

We work with the biggest chain stores of Europe such as Carrefour, Tesco, Aldi, Auchan, Metro, Delhaize, Scarmark and serve as these companies’ main supplier.

With Kozmo Kimya owning the latest Terco filling machine, our products are being manufactured automatically.

After being carefully weighted by automated measurements, our products are tested at the water bath and sent off to the production line.

It carries out a production that is in line with the standards of World Health Organisation (WHO) European Aerosol Federation (FEA) and TR Ministry of Health and that watches out for occupational safety, worker health and the environment.

Kozmo will continue to move forward and compete with the latest aerosol technology over time.

Kozmo Kimya’s vision; wining the trust of the customers by correctly understanding their expectations, meeting the expectations, knowing the customers is always right, a smiling face and quickly solving fast problems to maintain the customer satisfaction and a long term cooperation.

Achieving permanent and advancing successes by using the latest technology, improving service capacity, enhancing the Company and Brand image domestically and internationally and constant development in terms of quality management systems.