Kurumsal Hakkımızda

Kozmo Kimya is one of the top 5 companies in the aerosol sector in Europe market as a whole and has the largest filling capacity in Turkey.

Our company has GMP and ISO certificates, as well as 7 Chemical Engineers. 3 of our engineers are constantly engaged in R&D.

Our daily aerosol production reaches 700000 units in our two different factories located in Hadımköy and Çorlu.

We work with Europe’s largest chain stores such as Carrefour, Tesco, Aldi, Auchan, Metro, Delhaize, Scarmark and serve as the main supplier of these companies.

Kozmo Kimya has the latest technology Terco filling machine, so makes production automatically.

After our products are carefully weighed with automatic measurements, they are tested in a water-bath and then sent to the production line.

Production is made as being sensitive to occupational safety, worker health and environment in accordance with the standards of World Health Organization (WHO), Federation of European Aerosol (FEA) and Turkish Ministry of Health.

Kozmo will continue to improve in time and compete with the latest aerosol technology.

The mission of Kozmo Kimya is to strengthen its current position competing with all world brands and contribute to the development of the country with the employment and represent the country in all world markets in the best possible way.

As Kozmo Kimya, our vision is to understand customer expectations correctly, meet their expectations and always think that the customer is right, provide full confidence of customers in our company with friendly, fast problem-solving approaches and maintain customer satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

To increase our Company and Brand Image in domestic and foreign markets after expanding our service capacity by using modern technology, and to achieve lasting and progressive successes with continuous improvement as part of quality management systems.